Man and Machine in Industry 4.0 - BCG

The graph above was put together by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). It indicates how German jobs will look like in 2025. In a spectacularly simple talk by Andrew Ng about artificial intelligence, he acknowledges this graph by explaining that data scientists are going to be scarce, just as access to data. Here’s why:
In order to build a successful company that can predict what consumers will buy or how markets are going to behave you need data - a lot of it. Currently only gigantic companies like Amazon, Google, Tencent, Alibaba and Facebook have access to that much data.
If you would call a dataset the ingredients, an algorithm would be the recipe that goes with the data. You need people who can write these recipes and algorithms and these people (data scientist) are very scarce.
We can’t share Andrew McAfee’s graph enough. It shows the job decrease among poorly educated people in the US and the always steady increase in productivity. It is sad to note that this caused an increase among poorly educated white men to commit suicide and probably the reason why we have seen so many votes for Trump.
But still, the rise of technology is going to increase the available number of jobs by 3% in Germany by 2025 according to a BCG report, but people need to learn different skills in order to stay relevant in the workforce. Countries need to teach people working in production how to code, otherwise they’re screwed.
What we’re doing about this
We’re telling this story to everyone we meet. We can’t lay back and not inform our clients and our peers about these developments because they otherwise won’t be ready for tasks that are quickly being automated and putting a lot of people out of business. We think everyone should learn how to code, that’s why our designers are now also learning more about data science.

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