Many Chinese designers are already leading the way. A few takeaways:

- Chinese design, development and production are extremely cheap, fast and high-quality (fact: you can hire a team of 10 skilled designers and developers for around €10k per month).
- Yuwei Ni founder of product company Kisskissfish (image below left) mentioned that China now resembles the Japan of the 70s: extremely creative, technical with low costs on execution.
- Ni’s company pumps out high quality products at a good price, similarly his friend runs Soocare (below right); Ni claims Soocare will crush Philips in the future with its solid design and low price (you can’t deny that it already looks great).
- There is an insane underground scene in China - who knew! We entered an underground bar to find everyone dancing to Congolese rumba, illustrating how cultural influences from abroad mix with Chinese culture. 
Adan Kohnhorst, an American musician and dancer living in Shanghai, claimed over a beer that Shanghai was the place to be for artists (more money, cheaper living). It seemed crazy, as we have always seen New York as the cultural Mecca.
- Another thing Kohnhorst mentioned was the fact that a lot of things haven’t been done before, and the Chinese are eager to try new things.
- It makes sense to note that the Chinese market is made up of 1.3B people and the middle class is 0.5B; so if you are launching a good product in China you immediately have a huge revenue stream.
- Oh and there are as much Chinese students as there are US citizens 👨🏻‍🎓👩🏻‍🎓

Created in China
(from left to right: KissKissFish, LxU and Soocare)

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